Beauty’s Role in Career Status ?>

Beauty’s Role in Career Status

A lot of people consider being beautiful as a big deal whether you are rich or poor. Poverty doesn’t prevent an individual to strive harder to become beautiful. In fact, people buy cosmetic products just to look good even though they are having a hard time making money. People would actually sacrifice other things just to stay beautiful.

Beauty is always an important part of one’s career status whether you are a man or a woman. Companies invest in hiring good-looking personnel to do various things for the success of their business. In fact, it is quite difficult to even get hired if you don’t have a pleasing personality. More often than not, pleasing personality usually means that you look beautiful on your outward appearance. Applicants who are pretty usually have the edge against their competition. In fact, they get the position most of the time.

Why Companies Need Beautiful Employees

Companies need someone to represent their business. If you’re trying to sell something to the public, the best way to so is by letting an attractive person to do the selling for you. More often than not, outward beauty attracts our eyes than sales talks would catch our attention. We often look at a product because of its beauty and not because of what it can do for us. In fact, we purchase something that looks cool rather than invest in what would really help us. This is a common human behavior which is often exploited by companies to their advantage.

As an entrepreneur, you would want your customers to see beauty within your business starting with your employees. Looks and presentation is important to the success of a business. Impressions are often made by our employees and not by our products or services. Customers go back to a particular store because of the beautiful saleslady and not because of the products. Although most customers are really after the products, you can actually make them come back for more because of the good-looking employees you have in your company.

Aside from the looks, appearance is also important as it shows your personal grooming, attire, makeup, and other things related to good hygiene. Customers are usually attracted to stores where the attendants are good-looking and presentable. The appearance of your employees often reflects the company. So if your employees aren’t beautiful, then your company most likely isn’t that great. Ever wondered why five star hotels have beautiful receptionists and handsome crews all over the place? It’s one way to make their customers feel special as they are served by good-looking people. As a result, they also feel like they are part of the group with pleasing personality.

Importance of Beauty in Career Status

If you are having some problem with your career, perhaps you might want to check your looks. In case you aren’t that good-looking, then probably you’re having a hard time because you don’t sport the looks your company is looking for from its employees. Although it may sound harsh, companies nowadays invest in employees with pleasing personality. They no longer focus on workers who are honest, diligent, and polite. In fact, one of their first criteria in hiring someone is beauty. After that, they’ll work on your attitude towards your job as well as with customers.

Individuals who aren’t beautiful often find it difficult to have a successful career. Although there are still a good number of people who are successful even though they’re not that good-looking, the not-so-beautiful people often find it impossible to have a smooth-sailing career. This is why most people nowadays resort to cosmetic surgery in order to make a good run at their career. Lots of people invest in beautification just to make sure that they’ll either land a good job or get a quick promotion. Most of the time, we base our promotion on looks rather than paying attention to how our employees are doing with their jobs. People usually have a weak spot for good looks. As a result, we tend to favor those who are beautiful while giving less importance to the ugly.

According to the experts, only 30% of the not-so-good-looking employees experience success with their career. What’s worse is that they’ve been through a lot of hell just to become successful. Fat, nerdy employees usually get a hard time getting promoted as compared to the sexy secretary who is the apple of the eye of the CEO. No matter how hard you work, beauty simply outshines diligence. This is a human practice which is quite common in most companies.

Basically, we are a culture that’s too consumed by image. We pay huge attention to providing the best image to our customers. In return, our customers make sure that they only get products or services from companies that can provide the most beautiful things starting with their employees.

Our society often believe that beautiful people often do better than those who aren’t good-looking. Aside from career, handsome men and beautiful women tend to get more attention and favor from almost everyone. In addition, getting favor is much easier if you are pretty than when you are not attractive. More often than not, ugly people get snub when they ask for a favor.


If you are one of the millions of people who are suffering from career failures because of being guilty of being ugly, then there’s one way to address the problem. In order to start or revive your career, you need to invest in making yourself look beautiful. There are lots of ways on how to improve your looks. You can either get a personal coach to help you out in improving your looks. You can also ask the experts on what would make improvements to your physical appearance. A change in your hairstyle can make wonders. You should also pay attention to your skin, especially if you have the type of job that requires accommodating the customers. Dermatologists can help you improve the condition of your skin by prescribing medications or supplements. If you are on a budget, you can make enhancements by taking supplements for skin care.

There are lots of ways on how to make a person look good and presentable. Although cosmetic surgery can make significant improvements, it’s actually quite expensive. Instead of getting such surgery, you can enhance your looks by doing simple, inexpensive things such as exercising and eating right. Although these won’t correct the proportion of your nose, they can actually make huge improvements to your overall appearance. A sexy body usually attracts people regardless of the beauty of the face.

Overall, beauty plays an important role to the success of an individual. Whether we like it or not, reality is harsh when it comes to our career. Beautiful people easily get the nod while the not-so-good-looking get their hopes of a good career dump right away. Being less beautiful doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good career though. You can find lots of ways on how to turn a less fortunate career into something great by finding ways on how to improve your looks. Being presentable is one way to make improvements to become beautiful.

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