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How Teens Can Save for a Car ?>

How Teens Can Save for a Car

Teenagers want their own cars. They always seek the freedom of driving wherever they want to go whenever they wish to do so. That sounds easier said than done, as cars are very expensive (even for adults) and can take a while to save. It’s not also a single payment – you have to pay for insurance, maintenance and gas expenses. With the proper saving attitude and knowing what to expect, you can make this an easy and fulfilling experience….

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Frequent Student Loan Mistakes ?>

Frequent Student Loan Mistakes

A student loan isn’t always a bad option. Just because it ends with the word ‘loan’, people immediately think that it is a ruse or a set up created by banks and private lending companies to get people (mostly students) in debt early before they even have a career. However, those fears are slowly being cleared up as more and more students (and parents) are learning more about student loans. With that said, a lot of people are using student…

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Manage Your Emotional Spending ?>

Manage Your Emotional Spending

Shopping has become a major pastime for a lot of people. Both men and women now report feeling a sense of contentment and happiness every time they make a purchase. For women, they lean towards buying clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and other fashion-related items. Their male counterparts have an inclination for gadgets, appliances, cars, and technology-related accessories. With the convenience in shopping and the competitive prices, it seems that buying has become closely related with emotions. Emotional spending is when you…

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How Much of a Student Loan is too Much? ?>

How Much of a Student Loan is too Much?

Any student who would love to pursue a particular course in a college can always get financial assistance via a student loan. Although loans aren’t the greatest options, they actually are one of the fastest alternatives if you are looking for financial support to get a college degree. As a college student, there are lots of expenses that you need to address in your schooling. If your parents have a hard time with their finances, then getting a student loan…

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