Cosmetology – It’s Contribution to Society ?>

Cosmetology – It’s Contribution to Society

A lot of people invest in cosmetology to enhance their self-confidence while making huge improvements to their physical appearance. Cosmetology is the study and application of enhancing the contour of the human body, especially the face area. While it focuses on improving the important parts of the human body, it also includes works such as hairstyling, electrology, manicures/pedicures, and skin care. If you’re someone who’s planning on improving a specific part of your body, then finding a good cosmetic surgeon would help you address the problem.

Cosmetology and Our Society

Cosmetology plays an important role in the progress of our society. Although a lot of people see it as a way to improve one’s self inside and out, many people still perceive clients as monsters. Although clients aren’t literally monsters, a lot of people brand them as monsters because of the common disasters with cosmetic surgeries. In fairness to cosmetology, there are lots of successful cases where an ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan. Our society makes a big fuss over some accident though which is why cosmetology has garnered some negative comments from the society.

Today, our society has embraced cosmetology more than just a person’s way to improve her self-esteem through physical enhancement. In the past, it was only used to improve a particular part of the human body. People nowadays use it to change various parts of their body. As a result, they look different than what they used to look before they’ve undergone cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetology isn’t all about surgery though as there are enhancements that don’t require needles and surgery. Hairstyling, nail care, and skin care are also considered as part of cosmetology.

Cosmetic Surgeons

Cosmetic surgeons are medical experts who perform reconstructive surgery. People who would like to change, remove, or improve a specific part of their body usually seek the professional service of such surgeons. Unlike with medical doctors, they specialize in the reconstruction of the human body by changing its shape, volume, tone, and color.

Normally, a cosmetic surgery would cost lots of money due to the intensive operation. Clients who undergo through such surgery usually invest money, time, and effort just to become beautiful. Aside from the expensive cost of the medical surgery, they also need to spend enough time to heal and recover from the medical operation.

Medication is important when a person undergoes cosmetic surgery. A cosmetic surgeon gives medicines that should be taken on a regular basis. Such prescription of drugs is important to hasten the healing and recovery process of the client.

Mild exercise is also needed to make sure that the body doesn’t sag off after the wound has healed up. Physical activities are only taken though weeks after the surgery to avoid stressing out the client. Physical therapists are sometimes needed for some cases to encourage quick recovery.


Unlike with cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists do not make significant changes to the human body. In fact, they are more focused on skin care more than anything else. Dermatologists also consume most of their time treating acnes and other skin problems especially those on the face. Normally, we see dermatologists who are performing acne treatments on the face and back of their clients. Aside from this, they also prescribe medications for people who do not want to undergo through facial treatments. Topical creams are usually prescribed by dermatologists to enhance the condition of the skin.

Skin vitamins are also prescribed to help cleanse the skin from the inside. More often than not, dermatologists sell their own concoction of medicines for the skin. The importance of dermatologists to our society is widely appreciated. In fact, more people would prefer going to a skin expert rather than to a cosmetic surgeon. Basically, we don’t prefer anything that would require the need for incision, needles, and other surgical tools. It’s the last option just in case.

Nail Artists

Nail care is often sought to by various individuals as a way to pamper them after a strenuous activity. Although it was considered before as a form of keeping your toenails and fingernails clean, it’s also used to de-stress the mind and body. Most people receive their nail pampering at the malls when they go shopping.

Finding a good nail artist is important to prevent problems in the future. Improper cleaning and handling of the nails may result in wounds and infection. It’s important that you pay attention to who cleans your nail on a regular basis. Just like with anything, you need to find a nail care expert who’s highly trained, knowledgeable, and skilled in cleaning and taking care of your nails.


If you want to change or improve your looks, one way to do so is by getting a haircut from a good barber. You can find lots of barber shops nowadays because of the demand for this kind of service. The growing number of people in a town or city makes the demand for hair care to skyrocket. Basically, the more people living in an area, the higher the demand for haircuts and hair care is needed on a regular basis.

Parlor shops are usually catering female customers as they offer various services aside from cutting one’s hair. In addition to hairstyling, parlor shops also provide services such as hot oil, hair ironing, hair dying, and other forms of hair maintenance. Unlike with barber shops though, they charge higher for their services. Male customers usually go to barber shops to get their hair done. However, a growing number of male customers nowadays prefer the service of parlor shops over barber shops because of many reasons. Among these is the extra service and care done to the hair.

Makeup Artists

In case your best friend has asked you to be the maid of honor on her wedding day, then one of your concern is to look beautiful on that special event. Aside from putting on a nice gown, you need to invest in making your face to look great. One way to do so is by hiring a professional makeup artist. If you’re looking for someone who can make significant improvements to your face without changing anything, then makeup artists are simply the answer. Unlike with cosmetic surgery, they can make quick enhancements to your face without going through a medical operation. In addition, they aren’t too expensive. The good thing about them is that you can highlight the good areas of your face according to your taste.

Cosmetology has an important role to the improvement of our society. Without it, most of us would not feel comfortable or lose our self esteem, especially if we’re not blessed with a good face or physical feature. Thanks to cosmetology though, a lot of bodies are given hope because of the appropriate enhancements they make to a person’s physique. Although it is quite expensive, almost every one of us would break the bank just to satisfy our desire to become beautiful. If you’re someone who’s been hiding on the shadows for a long time due to the lack of self-esteem, perhaps some physical enhancements will make you come out to the open. You don’t have to undergo medical operations though to make improvements as you can choose from the above-mentioned branches of cosmetology. A simple hairstyling can make wonders especially if you are a woman. That’s how cosmetology contributes to our society.

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