Disadvantages of a Bad Website Layout Design ?>

Disadvantages of a Bad Website Layout Design

Although most of us would agree when it comes to judging a website by its layout design, it’s almost a certainty that any entrepreneur wouldn’t disagree that having a good layout design is essential to its success. As much as you would love to visit a website with cool design, every online customer would also like to explore online sites that are visually attractive. In addition to its visual appeal, websites that were carefully designed have better features and that’s the product of good planning by the entrepreneur- website owner. We tend to easily fall in love with such sites which is a good thing for those who are investing on good website layout designs. On the other hand, online sites with bad designs usually get the downside of their investment. They normally find it hard to raise from the ground so to speak due to its unattractive layout.

Effects of a Bad Design

If you failed to come up with a good visual presentation of your website at the start, then your number of visitors would be affected. Many readers find it enticing to visit a site whose design is attractive. It is then vital that your layout has been well thought out. To correct your omission, here are some of the common disadvantages of a poorly developed website for your notation.

  • It Fails to Attract Customers/Visitors – this is a common and obvious disadvantage for those who are not investing on a good website layout design. Basically, who would like to spend their time on websites that are boring or bad looking? I’m sure almost every one of you would like to explore websites that are cool and visually appealing aside from the quality contents that they provide to the online public. The failure to attract visitors will reflect on other factors such as the ability of the website to draw traffic. Actually, the more visitors you draw, the more traffic you get to your website. And if you have consistent traffic to your website, it foretells of something good for you in the near future.
  • It is Annoying – websites with bad layout design are usually filled with clutters of contents, advertisements, and other stuffs used for marketing purposes. The mere fact that this is annoying is a disadvantage to you as an online entrepreneur. Potential customers will instantly drop their interest in making a transaction with the website once they are annoyed with the clutter on your online site.
  • No Clear Details – most of the websites with bad designs tend to give poor details to the online public due to the fact that they are not organized. As a result, any potential client would lose interest as they do not get any clear details on what to do in case they would like to make transactions with the site.

If you are an online business person, it is highly advised that you also invest on planning for a website with good layout design. Aside from the fact that it prevents you on encountering some of the disadvantages, it will also allow you to offer a better online ambiance to your clients which is a good start if you are a beginner on the Web.

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