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Essence of Beauty

Beauty is often described as the outward appearance of something or in most cases, a person. While most of us are so engulfed with outward beauty, we forget the true essence of the word itself. In fact, we pay less attention to what it really means. As a result, we get blinded by beauty in the form of outward appearance.

What is the essence of beauty? Where can we find it? Does it exist in every individual? These are questions that we normally ask when we dig deep down to the actual meaning or sense of beauty.

According to the beauty experts, beauty means nothing when it’s not from within. Basically, you can enhance the outward appearance of a person yet would never outshine an average-looking individual whose beauty is inside out. The essence of beauty doesn’t lie in what our eyes see from the outward.

In order to understand the real meaning of “the essence of beauty”, we have to understand first the meaning of each word. Essence simply means the heart or core of something being pointed out. For example, the essence of love is helping the less-fortunate people without expecting anything in return. Loving someone without expecting any benefit for your actions is the real meaning or core of love. Beauty on the other hand, is the combination of physical qualities such as the color, shape, or form that passes our standard when it comes to physical appearance of something or someone.

“Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”

Each person has a standard when it comes to beauty. Although our society has set a standard when it comes to what is beautiful and what isn’t, we have our own taste when it comes to beauty. Someone can be gorgeous to one person while being average to another. It actually depends on the personal preference of a person whether you are beautiful or not. The same thing is true with objects. Something that’s attractive to one person doesn’t necessarily mean that it also looks good to all people.

We all have our differences when it comes to beauty. Men often find beauty in women who are good looking and presentable at the same time. Being fit and lean also makes people look great regardless of their ages. In fact, anything that would satisfy our sexual desire is often considered as beautiful. Keep in mind though that each and every individual has a different sexual desire from one another. In short, anything can be beautiful for a person. It doesn’t have to meet the standard of the society in order to be considered as beautiful.

Basically, when we are talking about beauty, we often focus on sexual requirements. When these requirements are met, that’s the time we brand someone as beautiful. In case they don’t meet our sexual requirements, we don’t see them as beautiful. In fact, we only see beauty if our sexual radar goes off the chart. Other than that, we don’t really appreciate the true meaning of beauty. For a planet filled with well-educated individuals, we don’t really understand the essence of beauty.

The essence of beauty lies on the preference of every single person. While most people focus on the physical appearance of a person, others put their attention on the attitude or character of an individual. In other words, what’s beautiful music for Beethoven lovers is actually boring and less attractive to other people. Pablo Picasso’s paintings aren’t visually appealing to some while they make other individuals go crazy in collecting his works. It’s a matter of individual appreciation and perspective that makes the difference.

How People Judge Beauty and Ugliness

Most people are experts when it comes to judging beauty and ugliness. We often condemn ugliness as though it’s a sickness that can kill us while we embrace beauty with open arms. People are often good at judging other people when it comes to beauty. As mentioned above, beauty is often measured by how it meets our personal preferences and requirements. In men, it’s often someone who meets their sexual desires. For women, it’s someone who makes them smile, laugh, or feel loved. Every single one of us has a way or basis on how we judge beauty. What makes us different from one another is our standard in judging beauty.

Judging Beauty

When it comes to judging beauty, you need to look at a person from the inside out. Although most people focus on outward beauty, one cannot overlook beauty from within. Judging beauty can be quite tricky as we often put our attention on what most people perceive as good for the eyes. What we miss when we put beauty for what we see is actually meaning of beauty. Being beautiful doesn’t mean that you don’t have deformities. There are lots of beautiful women and handsome men who aren’t perfect when it comes to physical appearance. On the contrary, there are those who are perfect in terms of physical structure but aren’t physically attractive. Beauty is judged according to the preference of an individual. In order to judge beauty, we need to know the basis of something or someone that is ugly. If there’s no reference for ugliness, then there’s actually no such thing as beauty or being beautiful. As a result, you can’t tell a person that she is beautiful as there’s no such thing as a basis for being good-looking or ugly.

Real Essence of Beauty

Movies often teach us the real essence of beauty. We usually see beasts or monsters displaying beauty by their actions. If beauty is based on what we see, then there’s no such thing as a beautiful heart or a beautiful character. According to most people, they would rather be beautiful inside than be good-looking outside. Although some people don’t really mean what they say, they still consider inner beauty as the true essence of the word. This is why some people do not invest their money, time and effort in enhancing their physical looks. Mother Theresa and all of the people who’ve done great things for the country didn’t put their time, effort, and finances on looking good for their community. They did good things to make their country a beautiful place to live in.

Whether we like it or not, beauty is objective. We often associate it with something that brings joy and happiness to us. On the other hand, we brand something or someone as ugly if we don’t find favor in them. In general, we see something as beautiful as long as we like them. If not, then we easily consider them as less-attractive or unpleasing to our eyes.

Finding the real meaning of beauty can be quite challenging. Overall, beauty depends on our individual level of satisfaction on a certain thing or person. Anything that’s deemed beautiful by our society doesn’t mean that it’s actually that good. We can argue all day long on who’s beautiful or who’s ugly. At the end of the day though, beauty lies on the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, being beautiful is simply doing things for the benefit of other people. Helping homeless kids by providing food, clothing and shelter is a beautiful thing to do. Seek the true essence of beauty and appreciate it.

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