How to Build A Shoe Cabinet ?>

How to Build A Shoe Cabinet

If you are into collecting all sorts of shoes, a shoe cabinet would be perfect for you. It is a good storage and display material that will keep your collections safe and secured from dirt, dust, and stain. You can purchase these from furniture shops, malls, and even at some hardware stores that sells these stuffs. However, if you are in a tight budget or would not want to spend too much for a shoe cabinet, you can always make your own.

You Can Built It

Building your own special cabinet for your shoes requires some time and effort though it can be accomplished even by individuals without skills in carpentry. A few tools for cutting and sticking things together and some basic knowledge in carpentry would suffice any average person in creating their own shoe cabinet. Below is a guide on how you can make a do-it-yourself display and storage for shoes.

  • Design – after settling with your plan on constructing your own shoe cabinet, it is now time to think of the best design that you want to do for your storage. If you are a man, it would be something on the macho side. However, if you are a woman, in most cases the design would be flowers, hearts, pets, and other girlish stuffs. No matter what design and style you choose for your concept, writing it down would be the best thing to do in order to not to forget the ideas.
  • Materials and Tools – gather the materials prior to the day you are going to build your own cabinet. The materials and tools would basically depend on the type of material you would want to use for your shoe cabinet. If it is made of wood, then wooden materials would be your main resources in general. The tools would also be those that are designed for wood. However, if the cabinet is made of plastic, then the material would be that of plastic. The commonly used tools for such projects are tape measure, sandpaper, handsaw, paint brush, paint, primer, screw, and drilling machine. Most shoe cabinets are also made of wooden material as this would be the easiest and cheapest material to assemble and use for such purpose.
  • Cut and Assemble – cut the 2×10 lumber with the hand saw in your desired measurement. Make sure that all of the sides are based on the measurements of your plan. The door should also be properly scaled in order to fit perfectly in the front of the cabinet. Drill holes on the corners of each side where you will connect each side to each other. Screw and secure properly to hold each other. Fasten the hinges on the side of the cabinet and on the door. Use the sandpaper on the shoe cabinet until you get a finer feel of the material. Paint with primer to seal the wooden material prior to the application of the paint. After the primer is dry, apply the paint up to your preferred amount.

Building your own cabinet for your shoes is not only saving money. It is fun and you will shed some fat as you do it.

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