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How to Repair Roof Cornice

A roof cornice is a visually appealing decoration situated below the roof eaves which at the same time works as a shield against water from dripping into the walls of a building. These are commonly installed on old or traditional buildings as modern architecture has designed better drainage system in the use of downspouts, gutter, and other passage ways for the water to run through. Repairing roof cornice is quite challenging and demanding especially on old structures due to the hanging type of work. Besides, the details of the decorative molded projections sometimes add to the difficult situation.

What Materials To Use

The amount of work in repairing roof cornices depends on many factors which primarily include the types of materials used. Metal, wood, PVC, and terracotta are the common types of materials used to make cornices. Aside from these, the age of the structure is also considered when doing some repairs or improvements on these roofing decorations.

You Need The Skill To Know

The first and foremost important thing for a successful repair is to have an eye that knows the signs of cornices that needs to be repaired or replaced. The common problem in home improvement is the issue of when to repair and change materials. Knowing the signs will help you in reducing the work as well as the expenses. Your primary objective is to examine the physical structure and integrity of the cornice. It means that you will be checking both the interior and the exterior of the roofing material. In doing so, you will need a sturdy scaffolding tower for you to be able to properly inspect all of the roof cornices. When you are doing a close up inspection, make sure that you leave no details unattended. The first thing you will be checking is the condition of the paint. In case the building is quite old, you will notice that the protective coating is mostly stripped off the cornices. If your building is not a historical one, you don’t have to worry about ornamental layer of zinc on your decorative moldings.

Beware Of Materials

In most cases, you will need to remove the loose paint in order to repaint it as most of the cornices have flaking conditions that clearly needs attention. There are many methods in clearing off the paint. However, you need to consider your environment before you burst into action. The reason is that some of these techniques can be risky and dangerous to the health of any person who gets in contact with the products. Water spray, heat removal technique, and the use of chemical products are among the most used solutions in clearing and cleaning off old paint from the cornices. The first method is clearly the safest option for anyone to pick. If there are repairs on the interior or exterior of the roof cornices, it would be best to do it with the advice of an expert. You will need to repair some of the parts by replacing them with new materials in order to look beautiful and function at their best. If you are skeptical though when it comes to fixing the details of the overhang moldings, you can always hire an expert in this field of work. The expenses may vary though depending on the scope of work, materials, and the professional fee of the consultant.

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